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Jolywood Solar announced GW shipment of TOPCon module in Middle-East

Recently, Jolywood Solar announced their shipment of TOPCon module in Middle-East broke 1 GW by the end of 2020. Bloomberg shows that the cumulate installed capacity in Middle-East is 10.33 GW. with the market share of nearly 10%, Jolywood Solar become the largest n-type supplier in Middle-East.

Niwa series n-type TOPCon bifacial module

Blue Ocean in Desert

Most of the Middle-East outside of the tropics has the dry summer climate typical of the desert with high solar radiation and total annual illumination of 8640 MJ/ which is ideal for solar energy. Middle-East is hot and dry in summer (from May to October), with temperature of 40.6~48.2℃ and 8~20℃ in winter with large diurnal temperature difference and dust storms which provide abundant sunlight and land resources while pose a greater challenge for the power generation equipment for the development of solar power.

As the leader in the regional solar energy industry, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt have been efforts to increase and accelerate the use of solar energy. Middle-East renewable energy power market is expected to grow more than 192 GW, and solar generation will account 42% (80.6 GW) market share, to bring more opportunities for solar exporting countries.

Hot and dry desert in Middle-East region

Niwa “Power Generation Prince of Desert”

Jolywood Solar announced the shipment of Middle-East over 1 GW by the end of 2020, to become the largest n-type bifacial cells and module supplier in the region due to the high quality product and professional service. Niwa series module were widely used in a number of utility-scale power plant in the Middle-East, including Oman PDO 125 MW solar power plant, Ibri II 458 MW solar park project and Dubai DEWA IV 320 MW solar park.

The high temperature of 53℃ in desert region brings great challenges to the performance of PVmodules while Niwa modules can operate properly under 70℃,with its excellent temperature coefficient, which can effectively reduce the output loss and risk caused by high temperature. At the same time, the high reflectivity topography of the desert also allows Niwa modules to show its advantage of high bifaciality, to increasing power generation while reducing BOS costs and LCOE. Niwa can easily cope with the challenges of extreme climate and fully adapt to the extreme climate of desert, it was called “Power Generation Prince of Desert” by investors and EPCs.

Oman 125 MW Solar Park

“Many leader PV enterprise are focus on TOPCon technology and start to layout the capacity since the mainstream trend transform toward n-type. With the long time engaged in R&D, production and sales of TOPCon product, Jolywood Solar is a pioneer of GW level capacity enterprise of TOPCon. Rich experience, advanced equipment and low cost make our `product suitable for various project applications.” Liu Zhifeng, VP of Jolywood Solar said in confident,” We supervised all aspects of the project from construction to commissioning. We will bring customer excellent experience and high project benefit with our quality product and service under our rich experience. Besides, we have been shipped GW modules in other global market segment.

Jolywood Solar Shanxi 16 GW PV cell factory design sketch

With the accumulate shipment of 5 GW, Jolywood have provided over 50 countries and 600 clients company with Niwa cells and modules, and have set up more than 20 branches in China, German, Italy, Brazil, Netherland, Vietnam and others. Recently, the 16 GW TOPCon cells factory was being built in stages, which shows the dominant position on TOPCon technology to promote the expanding of production capacity globally. Jolywood Solar will continue to expand the global market to be the new direction of global efficiency PV cell technology.